A selection of pics from a very enjoyable day at Exeter Street Arts Festival in August 2016. Please scroll down to read some of the lovely written feedback we received from performers, artists, sponsors, and the general public.

An exciting new festival in Exeter – and this is just the start…
(Martin Hodge)

A fab day in Exeter… lots of talented acts to watch… really good fun!
(Wanda McDermott)

It was a very enjoyable day 🙂 loved all the music that was around and my children particularly enjoying the juggling and graffiti art, although nothing beats running and chasing the pigeons on Cathedral Green 😀
(Simone Pharo)

A fantastic day. Huge thank you to all the organisers and performers. Exeter rocks.
(Steve Harris)

What a brilliant day. Huge congratulations to the organisers for a fantastic line up, a happy, supportive and well organised operation. And what a BRILLIANT line up of artists and traders. Exeter City Centre has never looked so good! Folks smiling and drifting about, looking up, listening to great music and chatting to one another. I wish every Saturday looked like this! Please, please let’s do this again soon! X
(Becky Baker)

I agree Becky about the atmosphere In the streets of Exeter. We were a 3 generation group – age range 1 to 70 years and everyone loved the festival. From the children’s roundabout to the buskers and dancers and stalls, it was all wonderful! Please let’s have more!
(Lorna Dyson)

My little one and i was on a shopping trip in Exeter, the festival made our day so much better. We listened, danced, viewed and did some doodling on a wall.. what a great time we had.. thanks exeter.. many more please..
(Steve Bielby)

Thank you for having me as the MC I had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone, was nice to see all the amazing acts up close. #Thank #You
(Steve Lay)

Sounds brilliant – another reason (as if we needed one) to LOVE Exeter xx
(Sally Baker)

Thanks today to everyone who came for four ad frolics with us today, and thank you Exeter Street Arts Festival for hosting such an amazing event!! Everyone had a great time. Whoop whoop! And THANK YOU Faye Jennings Mosquera for the lovely photos!
(Ruth Janssen)

Wot a completely brill day; that was amazing. A huge thank you from everyone at Interwoven Productions. We had a fantastic day. Well done guys!
(Jo Spinks)

Huge congrats on an amazing event on Saturday. Well done you all!
(Rachel Vowles – Nuts & Volts Theatre)

Thank you for letting me come and take Photos i had a great day, hope to work with you guys very soon, Heidi
(Heidi Best – Picture-Pal Photographers)

Was just so damn good. Well done to everyone who was involved, planning, volunteering, and performing to pull off such a great event. Had a great time running the kids circus workshop and a lil busking sesh. Hopefully won’t be the only year this happens! (Maz Totterdell)

On behalf of the Moon Jazz House Band – Alastair Joe, Stuart Toms, Jess Laver, Richie Richard Cooke, Tony Plato, Hayley Gregory, Philip Robinson and me, Andrew Vaccari – A big thank you for organising the event and having us to play. We really enjoyed it the whole deal. Great atmosphere created by all. Well done to the organisers! Marie Mingle Nick Hall.
(Andrew Vaccari)

We all really enjoyed dancing as part of Exeter Street Arts Festival, and had great feedback afterwards. Thank you for inviting us. There’s some great photos on the Facebook page!
(Louise Delacroix – Kalash Tribal)

Thanks for having us at the festival on Saturday – you created a real buzz in the city. People loved it! We had a blast performing to the street punters. And plenty of them stopped and watched (and some put some money in the hat too!).
(Katie Tokus – The Q-dettes)

Had a great time busking for you outside Boots and then outside McGahey’s. It was great to be part of the first Exeter Street Arts Festival.
(David Hill – Windslide)

It was great that the event was such a success & I was happy to help.
(Jane Begley – volunteer)

What a great day the Exeter Arts Festival – Well done to everyone involved!
(Laura Wright – Academy of Music & Sound, Exeter)

Just wanted to say a big thanks for having us along last weekend! Really enjoyed the day and it’s given us the confidence to get out and busk (at last!!!)
(Anna Marie Waite)

Thanks for hosting the event – was actually really good fun.
(James Saget)

Well what a fantastic day that was, well done to you both for all the organisation and thank you for inviting us to be a part of it. Hopefully the same again next year?
(Clare Tyson – children’s off-grid merry-go-round)

Everything I saw looked great! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Well done to you and everyone involved!
(Dan Whiteland – Broadside Screenprinting)

Great fun was had!
(Antony Chipperfield)

Thanks so much for having me at your festival; I had a great time. Really enjoyed it and enjoyed the rest of the performers. Hope I can be a part of it again in the future!
(Jack Humphries)

Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to perform at today’s event. You must be so pleased at the result; the city had a great feel today and it was such fun to be part of it
(Jebelkabir – aka Webley Twizzle)

I had a great day playing today. Congratulations on a huge success!

Thank you so, so much for letting us be part of the festival. The vibe was lovely, Exeter at its very best. Well done, and really hope it happens next year….
(Matthew Hammond – Widsith & Deor)

Thanks for hosting such a great event! I enjoyed my time playing at the Phoenix Terrace, and wandering around the city, it was great to see and hear so many great acts!
(Anna Hamill)

All of Exeter Centre was for one day a buskers paradise. With Arts and performers too.
(Gavin Hodge)

Fun Saturday!
(Rosie Mullin)

Well done! Here’s to the next one! 🙂
(John Katon)

Ditto. My little boy and I had a great couple of hours drifting from one group to the next. Seeing the look of wonder on his face hearing new instruments and voices was very special. Well done everyone involved.
(Sue O’Hara)

Thanks today to everyone who came for four ad frolics with us today, and thank you Exeter Street Arts Festival for hosting such an amazing event!! Everyone had a great time. Whoop whoop! Thanks for having us and doing such a great job all round!
(Ruth Janssen – Contakids)

Thanks for an awesome event! Can’t wait for next year! X
(Roxy Piper)

We’ve seen some great acts, hope everyone has had a great time too 🙂
(Bex Smith)

I enjoyed a jazz group.
(Denise Lesniak)

Went down this morning – colourful and entertaining.
(Glenda Camp)

Awesome belly dancers. You ladies were awesome. Posted some photos on FB, my friends in India loved them. A great day.
(Sheila Suckley)

Had such an awesome day today, thanks for working so hard to make it happen!!! Kalash Tribal were AMAZING!
(Jesse Halilland)

Great to experience @exeterstreetart today, whole city was buzzing with fabulous sights and sounds.
(Peter Doyle)

Enjoying a little #culture, music & #streetart in #Exeter today 🙂
(Gary Bankhead)

Next year will be BIGGER and better I hope. Brilliant weekend.
(Derren Paul)

The last Saturday in August was the date of the inaugural Exeter Street Arts Festival, and Chartman were delighted to be able to support the project by supporting one of the pitches for the day. With continuous entertainment through the day between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. the city centre was transformed in a vibrant kaleidoscope of sound and colour. The organisers and artists deserve the highest praise for putting on such a fantastic show.
(Clive Sheppard, Chartman Retail – SPAR shop in Magdalen Rd, Exeter)

Thanks for a lovely fun time the festival was awesome can’t wait for next year.
(Anna Fitzgerald Art)

Loved it!
(Wendy Penny)

Well done for organising this day… a lot of work obviously went into it. Hope it happens again next year.
(La Vie en Rose)

Thank you, Exeter Street Arts Festival. What a beautiful day of music, culture and festivities. Reminds me why I love living here. Mental note not to plan trips away over August Bank Holiday weekend!
(Simon Twigg)

@ExeterStreetArt is amazing and we’d love to publish your pics!
Exeter Street Arts Festival brought some great music and street performers to the city centre on Saturday. Here are some of your photos – thanks to Exeter Academy of Music, Matt Lazenby, Gina Awad, High Dee, Holly Morwenna, Sophie Lewis of the Exeter Bid event the Weekend Starts Here, and Sarah Jones.
(Exeter EXPRESS and ECHO)

Well done to all the organisers and performers it was a great day, let’s do it again xxx
(Paul Oxenham)

What an awesome day! Was so lovely, town was buzzing with happy people enjoying the art, music, dancing and theatre! Had such a great response to my art and made lots of money! Just pays to keep the faith and do what you love, people will come (Bronwen Tyrell)